Our Library is in a beautiful Media Centre where there are lovely books and excellent facilities. Here at Fairways, we buy only the best quality books from reliable publishers, which promote appropriate values and accurate information.

The children are taught Information Skills, which encourages them to read books and learn how to find & use information, both in fiction & non-fiction formats. We have a dedicated classroom for this purpose.

Despite massive advances in technology, most of the world’s information is still to be found in books. There has been a resurgence in the publishing of books. Research is showing that people will read less if they rely only on the internet for their information and reading needs. Reading less will retard their literacy and capacity to communicate.

We are very proud of our Media Centre and grateful for the support given to the Media Centre by our school principal Ms. T. Rae and the School Governing Body.

Alison Hallatt
School Librarian

ICT at Fairways

Each classroom is equipped with a laptop, an interactive whiteboard and a data projector. Teachers can show PowerPoint presentations as a learning tool and they can access the internet for research purposes.  

Each teacher has access to E-Classroom which provides educational resource material for teachers. The media centre has 32 computers on the network, ensuring that each learner has access to the internet when doing research for projects. Learners are taught computer literacy skills from Grade R and upwards. Microsoft Office is taught to learners from Grades 4 to 7, ie Word, PowerPoint and Excel. By the time they leave Grade 7 all leaners are computer literate and are ready for the challenges of High School. They have a good working knowledge of word processing, creating basic presentations and using simple spreadsheets.

All learners from Grade R to Grade 3 have a 40-minute lesson in the computer room each week with a specialist teacher. They are encouraged to express their creativity while learning and consolidating new skills, while Grades 4 to 6 have two forty-minute lessons. We make extensive use of the online program, Mathletics which the learners can access at any time using their username and password to log in. They earn points on a weekly basis and are rewarded with Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates depending on their achievements. Some of our learners appear on the Mathletics Hall of Fame which makes us extremely proud! We have a Computer Club on two afternoons per week, one exclusively for The Foundation Phase and the other for the Intersen Phase. We have different fun activities taking place each week.